Marcela Wegbrait

My devotion for leather comes from my childhood. I always felt fascinated by its aspect, texture and perfume and for what it represents. For me, leather is synonymus with the rustic but also with luxury. It has enough versatility to enhance any designer's work. The leather is present in the wardrobe of the heroes and above all the villains that represent our own fears and insecurities. I feel the psychological aspect is really important and determinant in the choice of leather as the raw material of my pieces that refers to our ghosts and also certain fantasies… Another very important aspect of this material is that it is one of the main exports of my country, Uruguay, and with my work I feel that I help in the diffusion of my country and my culture. The constructivist design chosen comes as a consequence of the observation of paintings inspired in the Uruguayan artist Joaquín Torres García, and in the need of finding images in which I could feel indentified to enhance my own house.


Through the years, I always felt more inclined towards the abstract than landscapes and human figures more related to paintings, and with my work with leather, I feel that I accomplished making something abstract, but with more sensitivity and softness. In reference to my formal academic studies, I have little to comment. During 2008 I went to the School of Arts and Crafts Pedro Figari, where I learnt different sewing points and some tools for this work. The rest is self-taught. Visits to stands and craft fairs, to decoration places, conversations with artisans and trips have been my inspiration to develop my creations. It is difficult to catalogue my job inside ART. I guess it is something between arts and crafts, that is why my job has been named FUSION ART. It has a strong influence from interior design, since the trimmings elected are made from real materials, such as wood, aluminum, iron, marble and glass. Also you can appreciate semi-precious stones such as agatas, metals like silver, colour threads, iron works, and a lot of different objects as a product of the functional freedom that I dream of and put in my pieces of decoration, which produces a very original and unpredictable result.


I am permanently alert to foreign influences of any tendencies and adapt them to my taste, so in the future my jewels for walls will have innovations compared to those already created. My commitment in my job is to create something exclusive and one of a kind. I also have the intention of customizing my job with the measures, textures and embroideries according to the surroundings and in accordance to the person interested. The artistic value of my job does not appear to copy or represent the outside reality nor to decipher it. I just try to show through shape and colour that you can create something beautiful for anyone, without having knowledge of art interpretation. This detail is very important since it makes the creation and artistic value more universal, and not only limited to certain elites, leaving aside lots of people who know nothing of this product. I hope you enjoy my work with the same passion and intensity I put in every stitch and embroidery.