Canadian-born landscape artist Peter Hoffer acquired his Masters of Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montréal, Québec. He is currently living and working in Berlin, Germany. Peter Hoffer's paintings can be found in several prominent public, private, and corporate collections, including: Cirque de Soleil; Musee des Beaux-Arts, Montreal; Royal Bank of Canada; Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery; and ING New York, New York.
While it is arguable that Peter Hoffer's landscapes are obscure due to the fact that they are void of distinct detail, their non-descript character is not for lack of imagination, but rather a device the artist uses to make his work more accessible. By painting landscapes that are not tied to one specific, recognizable place, Hoffer allows and even invites the viewer to connect his work with a place of familiarity.
Peter Hoffer's background as a conceptual sculptor is evidenced in the process he uses for 'constructing' his works - A process that is pleasantly fraught with cont-radiction. While the basic elements he employs including oil, wooden panel and resin echo traditional 17th & 18th Century Romanticism, the manner in which they are used simultaneously screams Contemporary.
The artist's careful layering of plywood, gesso and paint mimic ‎the very topography of a landscape, giving his images an unnatural but serene surface tension. Once sealed with several layers of resin, Hoffer's landscapes begin to pick up reflections of light and ambient images. In this way, that which lies beyond the artwork is incorporated into its ever-changing, poetic reflective scenery.


Available works

Voyeur, 2015, acrylic and epoxy on plywood, 245 x 36 cm
Arbre de L'Esprit, 2015, acrylic and epoxy on plywood, 125 x 68 cm
Singulier, 2015, acrylic and epoxy on plywood, 108 x 60 cm
Cameo, 2015, acrylic and epoxy on plywood, 18 x 13 cm
Le Paradigm, 2015, acrylic and epoxy on plywood, 108 x 60 cm

Sold works

Arrangement, 2015, acrylic and epoxy on plywood, 245 x 36 cm